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Peninsula Medical Centre is becoming a Health Care Home Practice

Oct 18 2018

Peninsula Medical Centre has always had a patient centred philosophy,  and has strived to provide health care for our patients  which is appropriate, evidence based and as conveniently as we are able.  In becoming a health care home we are acknowledging that the way we provide health care needs to change in order to continue to provide quality health care in a sustainable way.  

 What is a Health Care Home?

The Health Care Home is a model of care centred on a patient’s individual needs. The model enables patients to access same day appointments according to needs, and allows for further development of ways to access your GP through the patient portal ( Manage My health) . The model involves multi-disciplinary teams which can include not only the general practice team, but hospital specialists and community nursing teams to support patients to maximise their own health.  A key component of this “integrated” health team is that it enables DHBs and Primary Care to work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and the wider community.  The model results in a more comprehensive and cohesive system of health care that is: proactive, responsive and effective, with members of the general practice team being supported  to provide the best possible care enabling  patients to have more control over their healthcare and also to reduce health disparities.

Patients in a Health Care Home can expect:

The Practice to be a nice place to visit. A calm reception area where reception staff can focus completely on patient needs.

Easier access and more choice. Patients can access the Medical Centre online to book appointments, contact their GP or nurse, view lab results and look at their clinical information. This can save patients time and the hassle of a trip to see us in some situations. Patients can also phone, or make an appointment in the usual way and may be able to speak directly to a GP.

Access to care when it is urgently needed. If you phone a Health Care Home practice, you will be able to get an appointment on the same day if it is clinically necessary. At times you will be able to speak directly to a GP about your care before an appointment is made.

More services. Health Care Home Practices are expanding services so that patients can get additional urgent care thereby avoiding unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department for some conditions.

Better management of ongoing health conditions. Many patients who have ongoing health conditions will find that a Health Care Home makes it easier to plan and manage their health care, and enable them to maintain their quality of life. Practices will work with patients to set goals around health and well being, and plan care to achieve those goals.   A Health Care Home is focused on creating a partnership with patients, ensuring that there is appropriate time with a clinician to manage their health conditions.

Better service at hospital or After Hours. With the use of portals the Hospital and After Hours staff will be able to see patients’ health information, allowing them to provide better and more personalised care.

Health Care Home - Doctor Triage Service - this is one of the first changes you will experience.

What is Triage?

•You will notice that if you phone for an appointment for the same day you may be told the call will be triaged.

•This means that a doctor or nurse will phone you back to assess your needs.

•It may be your problem can be solved over the telephone or by a prescription.

•If your problem is urgent, and you need to be seen that day, triage ensures that you will be seen. It might even mean you will be seen quicker.

Why is Peninsula Medical Centre making these changes?

•In becoming a Health Care Home we are trying to become more innovative and patient focussed - providing care based on need and more locally if possible.   •We are aware that the demand for appointments is on the increase and the range of services we wish to offer will need to increase.  We understand that there is therefore a need to create more capacity in General Practice.  We need to be able to offer you different ways of communicating with us other than always needing a face to face consultation.  This may be by telephone, email or eventually over the internet.

We are excited about these changes and we thank you for your patience while we develop this service. For more information http://www.healthcarehome.co.nz/

20th anniversary Friday 29 June 2018

Jun 27 2018

On the 29 June 1998 the doors opened to a brand-new purpose built medical centre in the heart of Miramar. 20 years on Peninsula Medical Centre is celebrating its contribution to the health of the community in Miramar.  2 of our original GPs : Dr Aine McCoy , Dr Rosemary Dodd and Dr Jeffrey Law are still working here 20 years on.  If you are in the area 11am Friday 29th pop in for a piece of celebratory cake! 

Staffing update - Dr Nicki Pointing leaving

Apr 16 2018

We are sad to announce that Dr Nicki is finishing work with us on Wed 16 May to work up in Kapiti but we wish her all the best  and will miss her. We are in the process of recruiting a GP to replace her and will update her patients as soon as we have news. 

GP vacancies

Apr 12 2018

Peninsula Medical Centre Miramar Wellington is looking for a GP 5 sessions Monday – Wednesday . This position is available from 21 May 2018. From September 2018 we have 6/10ths becoming available .

For one of the positions we will be looking for a GP with an interest in Rest Home work .

GPs will work as part of our team, working in a our family focussed Eastern suburbs practice .

For more information please contact administrator@peninsulamedical.co.nz or call Vicki Practice Manager on 04 380 8855

Autumn newsletter and Easter opening hours

Mar 21 2018

Autumn newsletter PMC March 2018.pdf 


Friday        30 March CLOSED                       Saturday   31 March  CLOSED                 Monday        2  April    CLOSED

ANZAC     Wednesday 25 April  CLOSED

When closed contact : Health line Tel: 0800 611 116 Or visit After Hours Medical Centre, 17 Adelaide Road, Newtown. ( no appointment necessary )



Dr McCoy's retirement - September 2018

Mar 02 2018

Dr McCoy advises she is going to retire in September 2018.

The Directors are already working towards a suitable replacement doctor and this will be advised as soon as it is  confirmed.

Further information will follow. 

Waitangi Day Tuesday 6 February 2018

Feb 02 2018

We are closed Waitangi Day. Open Monday and Wednesday as normal. For health advice, please call Healthline on 0800 611 116. Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical Centre will be open 8:00am - 11:00pm everyday - no Appointment necessary -17 Adelaide Rd Mount Cook. 

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